Chinese New Year Pin & Patch Show recap

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We held our 3rd Pin & Patch Show on February, 13th 2016 during the Annual Chinese New Year Celebration here in Los Angeles' Chinatown.  Special thanks to our DJ's for setting the mood for the night- Florencio Zavala , Shepard Fairey, and Jason Snell.  And also to Sapporo For keeping us 'hydrated' on an unusually warm February Night!

The pin & patch participants of the night included:

Tuesday Bassen, Big Bud Press, Paid Vacation, Sad Truth Supply Co, These are Things, Tough Times Press, Good Good Pins, Meth Syndicate, Andy Busc, Slow Culture, Working Girls, Adam JK, Summer Por Vida, Last Call Co, Dale Dreiling, Shon Lindauer/High Seas Tattoo Parlor, Tim Kang, Spoking Fun, Mean Folk, Feral Social, No More Industries, Slow Poke Goods, Never Made, and Speedy's Liquor.

Following are some photos from the show- courtesy of Edgar Torres.  And check out the following write-ups on the day from pindejo and My Best LA Day

Stay tuned for details on our next show!  Thanks to everyone who came out to support!


Shepard Fairey

Keith Hufnagel

Mr. Florencio Zavala

sad truth supply

Some Wise Words...

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I could read this Alber Elbaz article every day as a mantra to live by.  I hope we're starting to see the evolution of the apparel industry - to slow down the over production and burn out of the best creatives. 

Click Photo for full Article and Speech

Click Photo for full Article and Speech

Pin & Patch Show

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It was January 2000- I was doing a study abroad program in London- and it was cold.  Really cold.  I bought a giant piece of army green fleece fabric and a smaller piece neon orange at the school store- and brought it home and whip stitched the orange fleece onto the border of the green fabric to make a blanket.  And that was the birth of my patch blanket.  I gathered patches from my travels around Europe and labels from my internship at Vivienne Westwood and continued to add to it through my time traveling with my husband and then with our son.  I was never good at journaling so my patch blanket is the closest thing.

The reason why I'm so drawn to all of the amazing artists making patches & pins right now is because it's part of that story telling narrative and it connects with everyone in different ways.  It's a new medium for showing art- in a way that's very authentic to people who have grown up buying, wearing or earning them.  It shows what you're into and brings about a club that you can belong - and let's face it - us misfits need to stick together.  

Over the last couple months I've emailed with so many rad, talented people who are turning their graphics into tiny, wearable art.  And last Saturday the 22nd was a packed house of amazing, eceletic crowd!  We opened up at 6pm to a small crowd of people waiting and sold out of 19 styles the opening night.  We have a limited quantity left in shop of all of the others - better hurry and get some before they all end up on my blanket! 

Big thanks to all the guys involved, Steve (DJ Pube$) T for setting the perfect mood with music (a must!) and to every single person who showed up that night!  It was so fun!!!!  Let's do it again!!!