6:00 pm18:00

Chinese New Year- Pin & Patch Show

Please join us on Saturday, February 13th from 6-10pm for our 3rd Pin & Patch Show during LA Chinatown's Chinese New Year Festival.  Featuring over 100 new pins & patches that will be released on that night- including sold out and limited edition styles from the following artists:

Adam JK, Andy Busc, Big Bud Press, Dale Dreiling, Feral Social, Good Good Pins, Last Call Co, Meth Syndicate, No More Industries, Paid Vacation Goods, Sad Truth Supply Co, Speedy's Liquor, Slow Culture, Slow Poke, Spoking Fun, Summer Por Vida, These are Things, Tim Kang, Tough Times Press, Tuesday Bassen, Working Girls, World Famous Originals.  

See you there!

6:00 pm18:00

2nd Pin & Patch Show


Featuring pins and patches from the following artists:  Aaron Jupin, Asilda, Beholder Badges, Dale Dreiling, Deadringers, Ernesto Yerena, Free Radicals, Grace Danico, Joe King, Kaye Blegvad, Last Call Co, Mean Folk, Monsters Outside, Nevermade, Nil Ultra x Dark and Dawn, Pindejo, Spruce Goose Supply Co, Sad Truth Supply, Shoot Film Co, Slack & Mellow, Stugazi, Suspect Ltd, Tuesday Bassen, Valley Cruise Press, World Famous Originals.