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With over 30 collective years working in the apparel & footwear industries - traveling and seeing the world, both the beauty of nature and people and the ugly effects of pollution - has taught us the necessity to make more sustainable choices and to question the norm in an industry that's fueled by new seasons, new collections and giant stores teaching us to buy more, more and more...

Americans alone send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year.  Most of the fashion industry is producing low cost, low quality product with little to no concern for waste.  This bottom line thinking does not take into account the long term impact of their decisions.  The most Earth friendly thing we can do is find secondary uses for discarded clothing, fabric and trim.

Buying vintage clothes is the most Earth friendly thing we can do.  We find, wash, dye, repair, patch mend and repurpose vintage clothing that we feel are worth the effort.

East/West Stuff is our line of clothing and shoes made from overstock, vintage or deadstock materials.  Our shop also carries an assortment of natural beauty products and products from artists, friends & people we've met on our life journey.  A community who values quality, craftsmanship and creating something new & fresh.  

We believe that if you buy new - make sure it will last and that you will proudly have it in your wardrobe for a long time - that the quality with withstand time to become a loved vintage piece for someone else down the road - should you care to pass it on.  

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