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Recycled Easy Jacket - Redwood Roses

$ 450.00 $ 0.00

Made out of 4 pairs of vintage Levi's - this jacket is based off a vintage kimono but is made entirely out of recycled materials.  With raw edges the hems and front opening this style is meant to be worn, loved, washed rarely and to fray out.  The denim material can be repaired and is meant to be a staple piece in your wardrobe for years!

Practical both in cold weather as a wind break shell - due to it's heavy denim material but also in hot weather as the cotton fabric breathes and makes a good sun and wind break at the beach.  

Each piece is hand cut one piece at a time and lovingly pieced together to make each jacket one of a kind.  Sewn in our neighborhood in Chinatown, Los Angeles.  

Regular fit - Would fit size XS-M as an oversized fit. or Size L-XL regular fit.

Chainstitch embroidery by Jason Redwood- Hand drawn using a vintage machine.

Content + Care
- 100% Recycled cotton
- Hand wash
- Made in the USA

- Length: 36”


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